Jamband For Groovy Rhythms With Jay Trainer Band

Posted by on February 10, 2020

Jamband is the term used to refer to musical groups that do live performances and create albums that speak about fan culture. This kind of group originated back in the 1960s, and it was the popular Grateful Dead who started it all. From then on, jamband continued its mark by coming up with similar bands such as the Phish in the 1990s.

But there are reports establishing the use of the term jamband as early as 1937 with the band Coleman Hawkins and His All Star Jam Band. Musicians during this time included the term jam band in the glossary of dance orchestra, which simply means an improvisation of music. There is no written music, and playing is more on improvising an existing tune or melody, which is usually over extended.

Jamband Features

What you usually see in jamband performances are extended musical improvisation, which means there are a lot of jamming in the middle of a song. The songs created make up long sets of chord patterns that can make a listener move in a rhythmic mood. The first ever jamband, Grateful qiuqiu online Dead, was known for their psychedelic rock music. Over the years, the term jamband do not only refer to rock music, but it included, jazz fusion, progressive bluegrass, and funk tunes. The term has also expanded their music to include groups that play folk music, country music, electronica, world music, and blues.

Jamband Today

When the music of Grateful Dead, who had huge fans and followers, began to lay low, the Phish jamband inherited not only their music but the community of followers as well. Phish was later on described as the breathing and cultural phenomena that had hippies for fans following them across the country. Today, jamband is the term used for all music influenced by Grateful Dead and related bands, which includes the music played by the Jay Trainer Band.

Jay Trainer

In today?s generation, Jay Trainer is the popular jamband performer. Putting in use the traditional rock tunes in his music, he is admired for incorporating tones, which can be smooth and quiet and then burst to a loud tune at anytime. He has mastery in several aspects of the rock music, which gives him an advantage especially in the Bay Area scene. People who want to listen to stark lyricism coupled with thick, creative guitar riffs will definitely go for the Jay Trainer Band.

Jay Trainer grew up in San Francisco, California and has been an avid listener of classic rock and soul music. It was during his adolescent years when he was finally influenced by the music he constantly listened to and soon started a jamband. From doing shows throughout the country together with his college band, he soon settled and established himself in his homegrown state where he is getting more successful.

Jamband Site

If you are a jamband fanatic, then there is one website suited for you. For the latest news on jamband, log on to Jay Trainer Band domino99 ?s site. Get high on new albums that give the traditional funk, rock, and blues music a twist to come up with a modern classic tune. Go through the performance schedules of great jamband artists and catch them when they are near your place. Get to know your favorite Jay Trainer Band and be updated on his whereabouts.}

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